Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hello again my loyal readers :) Another post from me… This custom was made for my sweet 17th party which is about 3 years ago. I am the designer for this custom and i ask my aunty to made it for me. I proud with my self cause i can make something which represent my style hahahaha
So i hope you guys will love it too as much as i do :P

And special Thank you for my best friend or my photographer for this outfit shoot Adita Putri, go check her blog too (CLICK HERE) !! And she is the one who understand how to editing my photos so i look more cool :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 I know sometimes being a good Child for GOD kind of difficult thing to do. But i believe if we have a strong faith it will be easier. So i Bought this dress at TOPSHOP , when i look at it, i believe that is love at first sight. I love the color and the pattern with a little bit gradation. I hope you guys enjoy my outfit post and please do a comment so i can be better in the next post.