Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey fellas....

Last Friday Night i went to POP UP MARKET Indonesia at Grand Indonesia 5th floor by my self...
in the afternoon i went to Atma Jaya University first, cause i must to give back the form about being new student in there.. and This Sunday Morning I already done the test.. Wish Me Luck guys !! :)

so sad that in this post there are no thing about my outfit.. ya you know i was went there alone so that no one can took my photo, and i'm shy if talk to random people to took my photo :P
but i hope you all like it.. i just share about how crazy people in pop up market and many good stuff was too :D

okay that's all about POP UP Market or you can see their twitter @PopUp_Market

Much Love

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minnie Mouse I Think

Hey Fellas...

here's my new post.. this post maybe i dress up a little bit like minie mouse :P
Hope you like it..
And by the way my skin look tan it's because sunburn (goshh...) but it's okay maybe about one week later my skin back to normal. i hope amin !!! 

detail about my tank top

what i wear :
Heels : June + Julia
Tank top : Pink label (mangga dua)
Hot Pants : Singapore (bugis)

Thank You <3

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Denim Market...

i'm sorry fellas.. long time no blog-ing :( yeahhh i'm kindda buzzy cause you know i'm 12 grade.. so i must prepare so many test and task :S

okayy here's my new post about Denim Market 3-3-2012
hope Y'all like it <3

 Me with Delinda my bff

Me with my Boyfriend <3

 this foods look delicious right? you should try at Pizza Ebira Plaza Indonesia 

 our boyfriend together unyuuu

 Adel and Tejo

okay that's all.. and Fyi what i wear is skirt-Zara , shirt-gift , bag-gift , and Foxy shoes- June and Julia

Much love
Tamara Emilia