Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Rainy day outside my room, and a cup of hot tea with me. That's life for me XD
Hey fellas :) sorry for the very late post because i just done my final exam at my university. Gosh it's been a very busy month for me. But YAI !! it's finished and i hope i will get a good score (AMIN!) 
So in this post i want you to know about one of the most biggest Fashion Event In Indonesia and it's called INDONESIA FASHION WEEK (IFW). This event same as New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week but of course all the designer in IFW come from Indonesia. But their clothing line already go Internasional. OMG i'm so can't wait to attend IFW for sure !!! And of course all the bloggers from Indonesia gathering to this event too. 
IFW will be held on 14-17 February 2013 and will be located in Jakarta Convetion Center. And for more information you can visit their website (click here) . And maybe we can do some meet up there just contact me through my email, twitter, or instagram. Don't you excited guys????

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Tamara Emilia


  1. hi, dear =)
    very glad that you remind me about this IFW !!

    last year, i came with an invitation..
    do we need it to come for this year?

    hope we can catch up there ^^

  2. I'll see if my schedule is empty that date(s)..it'll be great to meet other blogger there..:)

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  3. i hope i can go there :(
    but i think i'll be bussy aroung those dates :(


  4. yuhuuu~ followed yoooo
    btw, km ke IFW? aku juga dateng lho :3

  5. we all should really arrange a meet up. pingin banget ketemu jkt bloggers yang lain. anyways, kamu dateng setiap hari or only specific dates. and bener gak sih dresscodenya sarong? cause i really have noooo idea what to do with sarong

  6. What a gorgeous event;)

    Thanks for the follow, following you too ;)

  7. oh it must be exciting!

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  8. I wish I can be there :(
    Btw you have a nice blog!
    Im your new followers now...please follow mine too if you dont mind

    Keep in touch <3

  9. sorry kemaren kyknya bad connection jd error pas follow, udah aku follow lg :3
    btw dtngnya hari apa? insya Allah kalau jdwal kuliah enggak ngeganggu hehe

  10. how's exam taaam? anw jealous bgtt lo ke IFW huhu. i might prolly join it nxt year :(


  11. hi dear..
    thx for the information..
    i'll go too hehe


  12. what an interesting event! i hope i could make it too, but i think i'll be busy in mid february :(

  13. thamks for your lovely comment on my blog. dome following you ;)

  14. memangnya kalo blogger bisa dapet invitation ya dear? gimana caranya? mau ikutan T_T bales yah ;)


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